Liquid gas (LPG) handling systems

LPG handling systems

Loading and unloading systems for liquid hydrocarbon gases for filling and emptying special tank cars and tankers with liquid gases in automatic operation.

Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH designs the storage and handling facilities individually according to the requirements of the customers in accordance with national standards and guidelines. The systems are configured according to the customer's specified request or according to our many years of experience.

  • Design of the loading and unloading systems (filling positions)
  • Degree of automation (ETA/MSR)
  • PC systems (loading computers, visualization computers, tank management systems)
  • Measurement recording systems (mass, volume)
  • Safety equipment (fire extinguishing, emergency and reporting systems)
  • Storage capacities (tanks, tank equipment)
  • Ancillary systems (pumps, compressors, evaporators)
  • Construction and assembly services (for turnkey systems)
  • Chief assembly (for non-turnkey systems)
  • Commissioning of the systems
  • Training of operating personnel

SCHERZER is specialized in the filling and emptying systems of special tank wagons with the highest demands on the systems. The design of the systems for handling liquid hydrocarbon gases and their mixtures meets the highest standards of fire and operational safety as well as a very user-friendly automated overall system.

Overall design

Design of the railcar loading and unloading system for the transfer of liquid hydrocarbon gases into and from special railcars (KWG).

The project planning, configuration and construction of the loading systems is carried out for:

– New construction of railcar estacades –

– Modification of railcar estacades –

The reconstruction of existing facilities:

The systems are generally designed in accordance with the buyer's technical task for building a railcar loading and unloading station with the design data:

  • Climatic conditions (SNiP 23-01-99)
  • Performance data with daily and annual performance
  • Plant operation with planned operating times
  • Number of products to be loaded and their envelope sizes
  • Technical requirements and components of the system to be built
  • Environmental protection measures
  • Special requirements

Technological design

The technological solutions for the specific operation are developed by SCHERZER based on the design data, incorporating “STATE OF THE ART” and innovative solutions into the design of the system, with the results:

  • Single-track or double-track estacade
  • Positioning of the special railcars (up to 32 railcars/track)
  • Level of automation with partially or fully automated system
  • Ancillary systems such as operating units, storage tanks, pump stations, fire extinguishing systems and energy supply etc.
  • Construction and assembly of the operating units for turnkey systems as general contractor for SCHERZER
  • Commissioning with proof of performance of the systems
Example of a loading system
double track system up to: 2 x 32 KWG
filling capacity/day: 128 KWG/d
workforce estakade: 4
daily capacity max.: 6.780 m³/d
3.870 t/d
reserve time/day: 6 Stunden/d
annual capacity (340 days):    1.315.800 t


Description of technological operating systems

In detail, the following operating systems have been designed for the entire railcar loading estakades. The two-track loading station is equipped for a maximum of 32 railcars/track. The railcar inspection is carried out using horizontally movable folding stairs for coupling and uncoupling the articulated pipe loaders, sampling and sealing the railcars.



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Liquid gas (LPG) loading and unloading systems

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